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Wankz VR


  • 100% exclusive content
  • Has streaming option
  • Weekly Updates


  • No 360° Only 180 viewing option
  • Streaming option only for Cardboard devices
  • No advance search bar
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Bottom Line

WanksVR is the best site if you want to try virtual reality for the first time. You can easily throw yourself into action with their high quality 180 virtual reality porn scenes. And if you are using a Cardboard headset, just choose their streaming option and you’re ready to go. No need to download or transfer files, just stream your favorite video. New videos are also added weekly so I’m sure your membership at WanksVR is really worth your money.


WanksVR is nothing like anything you have tried before. With virtual reality you’ll no longer just watch porn, it will seem like you’re experiencing it. The once-passive encounter now becomes more interactive one. You no longer watch your favorite porn star doing the action or just command that girl in sex cams to do her thing, virtual reality can trick your mind into believing your experiencing it.

When you have full access membership to the site and you have virtual reality video playing on your Cardboard, Gear VR, Oculus, VIVE or other mainstream VR device you will see how the people behind WanksVR manage to benefit from VR technology. The camera team didn’t just use the technology they were also able to shoot all the best angle for your own viewing pleasure.

When it comes to the actress, I can say they really know what they are doing and they’re giving the best of the best performance. They will look straight into your eyes while talking in a very sweet lustful voice.
The member’s forum of the site also helps in creating very high quality videos. The management listens to the viewers’ comments so they can produce movies that fans like me will surely love.

With only 29 videos, the management suffices your need for more videos by adding at least one video per week. You will also get full access to Wankz and Lethal Pass networks that has tons of videos for your viewing pleasure (though they are not in VR medium.)

One of the best feature that I like in this site is the ability to stream videos directly through your Android or Iphone device. You won’t waste time downloading then transferring via usb or opening videos from another app to start realizing your fantasy.

However you can only stream if you are using Cardboard device, but if you will be using Oculus or Gear you still have to download the full video. This is the reason why I’m half-hearted when it comes to using Cardboard because viewing is not that enclosed. Well Oculus and Gear are better.

WankzVR offers 180 view, I know you want the full 360 of your virtual reality video but I can guaranty that you won’t notice it because I’m sure you wouldn’t move your head away from what’s in front of you. You wouldn’t miss that mouthwatering tits jiggling in front of your face to check that empty room behind you.
If you don’t believe me you can check post on Sex Like Real. They also got dedicated channels to your favorite tube sites like VR Smash,, PornHub and VR Porn. You can also follow their Twitter and Instagram account.

Just to sum up, virtual reality videos is the best choice if you want to get up-close and personal to your favorite porn stars. Take the plunge and Sign up now.