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BaDoink VR


  • Free Cardboard VR headset upon membership
  • Good amount of exclusive content
  • Variety of locations / room / set


  • No search or sorting options
  • No streaming options
  • Downloading is a bit slow
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Bottom Line

This is the home of the sexiest porn star’s virtual reality movies. The movies were very clean and sharp. Although they have no streaming option, the server is fast for downloading. And for VR starters, you don’t have to spend much buying your own expensive VR headset if you only want to try out how cool virtual reality is because Badoink VR is giving away free Cardboard VR Headset (available in US only) when you subscribe.


At the 1st day of June 2017, just about the time I’m about to do my review, Badoink VR has116 highly immersive 180 3D movies in their collection. They’re updating weekly so expect this numbers to grow soon.
Now, I’m sure if you are a porn fanatic like myself you have already heard the standard Badoink site, I say it has a load of beautiful content that we really enjoy. When it comes to Badoink VR, 116 videos is a lot compared to other VR site. Not to mention, when you subscribe in to their VR site you also get full access to their standard Badoink site, which has about 100,000 videos. Isn’t that sweet?
With a huge number of beautiful porn stars come a good variety of porn niches. I love their virtual reality threesomes, MILF’s sex adventure and cosplay.Their videos has lots of teasing, tit-fucking and blowjobs. The average length of each video is about 20mins to 45mins, those are lengthy enough to get the best fapping experience.
I also love that the format of Badoink VR videos are compatible to most major VR devices. You can choose from different download option in each video.
One thing I find it cool in this site is their Theater mode. When you use mobile version, you can use “theater mode” option and this will allow you to watch and browse the site completely hands-free. Your head-tracking movements will control the floating cursor so you can browse the video collection, menu items and play and pause the videos without actually touching or clicking anything. This is really a cool feature though at the moment when I used it I encountered some glitch, I’m not sure if its my device or there are just technical difficulty with the head tracking feature of this option.
As a bonus, if you are living in the US, you will get a free Google Cardboard device when you sign up. This is good for those who haven’t tried virtual reality yet, though it’s just a basic device so when you really get groovy you can just upgrade to a better device.

If you will ask me now if Badoink VR is successful with their virtual reality venture, I say YES they do. If I’m a new company venturing in to VR world, it will be hard to compete with their more than 100 lengthy videos on site. If you like virtual reality porn then Badoink VR should be on your top list. After experiencing Badoink VR videos, I couldn’t have it any other way.

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