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Hey I am Rick and I love VR porn!

After trying virtual reality porn once I will never be the same. That being said I want to help you find your way through this new jungle of porn entertainment so you could find virtual reality porn content that will exceed your expectation. I promise to continuously check the pricing and content of VR sites around so I could make updated VR porn reviews for you. Hope you can also help us by writing a review of the site you visited in our page.


Hey I’m Rick and I love VR porn

Virtual Reality takes Porn to a whole new level of entertainment. Remember POV, but this one is way cooler! After wearing my VR headset I find myself inside a room, unable to move. I can look around freely at 180° in front, side of the room, at the room’s ceiling and at my back (if its 360°.) Then by looking down I see my virtual body sitting or lying back as sex happens to me.

I found that there are some VR sites with streaming features and there are other VR sites where you need to download the file first to your computer or phone. Downloading is easy; just get a free third party app where you can play your downloaded VR movie and you’re ready to go.

Virtual Reality porn is highly immersive, the way my brain starts to believe that I’m really part of happening is really chilling. My first VR encounter is fun, exciting and a bit scary compared to my normal porn experience. Porn stars are really right in front of my face and they’re like talking to me. For some this could be disturbing but for most guys like me, the fun starts to be more exciting. My mind is telling me to reach out and touch, but my hand is grabbing nothing but air. It’s like you’re in strip club. It’s free to look but you cannot touch. It’s so realistic, for some it would probably feel like they were cheating on their partners. My skin flashes and there are times I will still have to back away when a model will suddenly leans or rubs her butt against my face. My brain felt like it was adjusting to a new body and consciousness, and when the model starts to make eye contact, my virtual reality porn was not just immersive it became more intimate. After trying out virtual reality porn, given the choice I will never go back to old porn.

And because I love VR Porn, I’m proud to say that I already took the step of reviewing some of the VR porn sites available so you can save time, money and trouble of searching for the best one you like. Reviewing VR Porn isn’t quite as easy as regular porn because there are many more factors to consider and the experience is highly subjective. So please bear in mind that my reviews and opinions might be different from your views. Even so, I tried to be really objective and impartial so I can give you a good overall evaluation of the respective VR site.